Corporate and Business Catering

Some Samples of our offerings

Cold sandwich

Smoked turkey and double cream brie with fig aioli.
Pulled porketta with stewed tomatoes and double smoked cheddar
Smokey chicken salad with double smoked cheddar
Sliced top-sirloin steak with mixed greens and blue cheese aioli
and of course we can do all the usual suspects like egg salad, tuna salad etc.

*Hot sandwiches come in a chaffing dish and are accompanied with appropriate condiments and buns/bread. They are set up as a “make your own” dish and not pre-assembled. (Min. 15ppl)

Hot sandwich samples

Montreal smoked meat with dijon aioli.
Chicken breast in burnt cream and tyme
Sesame buffalo chicken breats balls
Sliced Roast beef au jus
Pulled porketta with stewed tomatoes
Jerk marinated pulled chicken
Tomato and dill marinated fried tofu

Side dish samples

Garden Greens Salads with black current balsamic dressing, fresh tomatoes, sweet pickled red onion and dill marinated cucumber
Classic Caeser with real smoked bacon, croutons and home made dressing
Moroccan chick pea with peppers and arugula
Roasted potato salad with maple chipotle aioli
Pink beets with Chevre and horseradish aioli
Quinoa with roasted vegetables and romaine
Classic Greek – mixed greens topped with feta, olives, cucumber, tomato, red onion, garlic and fresh herbs

Orzo and sausage pasta salad -crispy fried debreziner sausage red peppers and caramelized onions

Or try our fresh and fabulous salad bar!

With more than 20 different toppings and a variety of dressings and greens and grains it’s sure to please the health conscious cast and crew on your set!

Samples of some of our Fresh home-made soups

Mushrooms beef and barley
Roasted sweet potato curry
Creamy forest mushrooms and Thyme
Fall spiced butternut squash
Canadian split pea and smoked ham
Hearty fall harvest vegetable
Creamy roast vegetable puree
Smokey chicken and roasted corn chowder
Lobster bisque
Lightly creamed Turkey and rice
Rich hearty Chili – meat or vegan

Beverage Stations

Fresh hot coffee and tea stations with all the fixin’s
Cold beverage stations with a variety of juices, sodas and water
Fresh fruit smothys
Home-made lemonade, iced tea or fruit punch

We can also provide you with snack trays

Crudités with dips
Hummus and naan
Premium Charchuterie board
Premium Cheeses with cracker
Fresh baked goods like muffins, danishes or cookies
Whole fruit basket or cut fruit platter